Location: 1080 S La Cienega Blvd, Suite #203 Los Angeles, CA 90035

Office Location:
1080 S La Cienega Blvd, Suite 203
Los Angeles, CA 90035
424-245-4270 (Office Line)
310-806-1352 (Mobile)
Email: info@kinglycomputer.com

Business Hours:
(Make Sure Call For Availability Before Come Visit The Shop)
Mon - Fri: 10AM - 7PM
Sat: 11AM - 6PM
Sun: Close

  •   Does your computer crash, take forever to start?
  •   Run slowly, or is infected with viruses and spyware?
  •   Can't get connected to the Internet?
  •   Get a "Blue Screen of Death" (BSOD)?
  •   Your laptop doesn't power on anymore?
  •   Want a data recovery from your hard drive?
  •   Want a hardware upgrade, or software upgrade?
  •   Do you want to upgrade your computer with a bigger hard    drive, play the newest games, and have new functionality?

    Over 20 Years Experiences, Pro Guarantee, Since 1995 !

Welcome to Kingly Computer Repair Center!

We will let you know of every single charge before we start the job !

Fixing your computers has never been easier and faster!

For all your computer needs, call Kingly Computer first!!

We only provide High-Quality professional service jobs!!!

Sorry, We don't do "cheap low price, shitty, mickey mouse job" kind of services here!!!  (They don't go together)

Dear Customer, Kingly Computer Will Close 2 Weeks for annual training purpose start from SEP 24 till OCT 10, Sorry for the inconveniences. During this time frame, we will not answer any phone calls, Please email any of your inquies to info@kinglycomputer.com and we will respond ASAP.