•   Does your computer crash, take forever to start?
  •   Run slowly, or is infected with viruses and spyware?
  •   Can't get connected to the Internet?
  •   Get a "Blue Screen of Death" (BSOD)?
  •   Your laptop doesn't power on anymore?
  •   Want a data recovery from your hard drive?
  •   Want a hardware upgrade, or software upgrade?
  •   Do you want to upgrade your computer with a bigger hard    drive, play the newest games, and have new functionality?

    Over 20 Years Experiences, Pro Guarantee, Since 1995 !


 Since 1995

Welcome to Kingly Computer Repair Center!

We will let you know of every single charge before we start the job !

Fixing your computers has never been easier and faster!

For all your computer needs, call Kingly Computer first!!

We only provide High-Quality professional service jobs!!!

Sorry, We don't do "cheap low price, shitty, mickey mouse job" kind of services here!!!  (They don't go together)

Office Location:
1080 S La Cienega Blvd, Suite 203
Los Angeles, CA 90035

424-245-4270 (Office Line)
310-806-1352 (Mobile)
Email: info@kinglycomputer.com

Business Hours:
(Make Sure Call For Availability Before Come Visit The Shop)

We Currently closed the business for 4 weeks of annual training

We will be back on 09/25/2023 Monday.

Sorry for the inconvenience